Zero Energy Homes !


This Zero Energy Home (ZEH) will be the first built on any Military Installation and will be located in the Woodlands Community.  These homes are anticipated to be the first Duplex buildings completely designed and built to be a ZEH.  Being the first will allow Fort Campbell Family Housing to become the industry leader in building Multi-Family homes that are energy independent.

What is a Zero Energy Home?
A ZEH is a home designed to produce as much energy if not more than the amount of energy it consumes on an annual basis.   The home is considered zero energy when the annual demand for off-site energy is completely off-set by the renewable energy generated on-site.  The FCFH project is close to achieving the goal. 
Why Fort Campbell Family Housing?
The ZEH initiative at Fort Campbell began with a commitment from Actus Lend Lease and their Army partner as well as a grant through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) to find ways to incorporate sustainable design and construction practices into all residential housing projects and implement tangible “real world” methodologies that significantly impact and reduce energy consumption.  As a result, Actus to the first steps by commiting funds to build this ZEH, witht the objective of passing along "lessons learned" to other Military Housing projects.

Who gets to live in the Zero Energy Home?
The ZEH duplex building will be a part of a new 521 unit residential development known as The Woodlands.  The development will house soldiers and their families from the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army, and is a master planned community featuring world class amenities such as a Community Center, retail space, parks, and walking trails.  The two ZEHs will be occupied by SNCOs and their families.
 How do you build a Zero Energy Home?
The average home is built ti industry standards.  The ZEH uses state of the art technology in its building materials and techniques.  Some of the building materials include metal standing seam roof, HVAC ground source heat pump, solar water heating system, and photovoltaic arrays (solar panels).  The features helps the ZEH reach a 98% reduction in the Carbon Footprint. 
Cooling2253 kWh813 kWh
Heating5596 kWh1371 kWh
Hot Water3995 kWh475 kWh
Clothes Washer123 kWh*42 kWh
Dishwasher240 kWh*67 kWh
Dryer974 kWh*974 kWh
Lighting2358 kWh946 kWh
Misc. Loads3377 kWh**3377 kWh
Range706 kWh706 kWh
Refrigerator669 kWh415 kWh
TOTAL18038 kWh9186 kWh
Energy Cost$1,662.86$803.54
Annual Cost$1,662.86$31.92***
*Non-Energy Star Appliances
**Reduction through Resident Education
***98% Reduction in Carbon Footprint